Secret Garden (Dulux 70GY 46/120), 2015

Site-specific public art piece for Pop-Up Shop, a July 2015 exhibition curated by Rita Camacho Lomelí for Centre[3] in Hamilton, Ontario, in celebration of the Pan Am Games. Handmade plaster filigree based on Colonial decoration in Mexican homes (silicon molds made from wood filigree purchased at Home Mart, Mexico City), variable dimensions. Pop-Up Shop includes artists Brendan Fernandes, Erik Jerezano, Amelia Jiménez, Fiona Kinsella/Vesna Trkulja-Stevens, Steve Mazza, and Shelley Niro. Read More ...

Vast Regions of Domain (title after Michel de Certeau), 2011-12

Series of 20 large digital drawings printed on vinyl scrim banners, showing surgical diagrams from the fifties as well as theoretical texts on language, all in three languages. Interactive Element: each of the 20 printed vinyl designs have also been printed on small sheets of papers, like flyers; people can take a set of flyers home, read them, discover my email on them and send me a note.
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Tusovka: Indisciplined Meetings (title after W. J. T. Mitchell), 2010

Series 10 large colouring blocks containing a total of 516 rubber stamps with all the images from the Ninth new Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary (multiple copies made so the public can take one or two away with them), wax crayons, tables and chairs, Mexican school-room environment. Variable dimensions. Interactive Element: the public sits to colour the images in the 10 booklets and can take them home as well.
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Stammer and Rustle (title after Roland Barthes), 2006-07

20-foot spiral on floor made of porcelain letters, the public can walk through it to centre and make new words from pile of letters. Interactive Element: the public walks through the spiral and, upon arriving in the centre, can make words out of the pile of porcelain letters found there. Read more ...

Polyphonic Novel (title after Bakhtin), 2006-07

516 rubber stamps produced with all images from Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate dictionary in English, stamp pads, paper, bulletin board, tacks, variable dimensions. Interactive Element: the public creates designs with the stamps, hangs some on the bulletin board and takes other home. Read more ...

Words of Wisdom and Verbal Abuse, 2003-04           

Series of 4 wall texts from 4 books, letters cut from plastic Mexican tablecloths, variable dimensions texts read:
1. A lovely girl, no trouble at all. (from: Janet Frame. An Autobiography. New Zealand, c. 1955.) 62” x 16” (two lines of text).
2. You’re busy? Of course you are! But not too busy for beauty. (from: Kate Aitken. Lovely You. Toronto: Wm. Collins Sons & Co. Ltd., 1951.) 84” x 32” (three lines of text).
3. But nobody could climb through that pattern—it strangles so. (from: Charlotte Perkins Gilman. “The Yellow Wallpaper” (1891).  Black Water 2, Alberto Manguel, ed. Toronto: Lester & Orpen Dennys Ltd., 1990.) 73” x 20” (two lines of text).
4. In a house where everything is delicate, the refinement of manners will be acquired. (from: Oscar Wilde. “Decoración doméstica” (1882). Conferencia a los estudiantes de arte y Otros ensayos. Mexico: UNAM, 1986.) 73” x 31” (three lines of text).
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Better Left Unsaid, 2005

48 distinct designs hand cut from plastic banners, called punched plastic (hundreds cut of the 48 designs) variable dimensions, 15”x19” each banner. Interactive element: banners are available for sale by the sheet for a nominal fee. Read more ...

Wallflowers, 2003

Handmade plaster filigree based on Colonial decoration in Mexican homes (silicon molds made from wood filigree purchased at Home Mart, Mexico City) variable dimensions. Interactive Element: bins of plaster filigree are in the exhibition space so people can take pieces from them and add to the installation on the floor; people are also welcome to take a piece of filigree home with them. Read more ...

Six Objects for Breaking the Skin, 1997/03

Series 9 oil paintings on glass, etched text naming six knives found in kitchen sets, polyurethane cutting board, doily crocheted by women in Mexican market, 22”x18”x18” each. Read more ...

Sex in the Suburbs (Collaboration with Gerardo Toledo), 2002

6 digitised videos for 6 televisions placed in a circle and running simultaneously; 6 chairs at the centre of the circle; images are compiled and edited from 15 different soap operas taped in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Italian over 2 months. The length of each differs so that the 2-hour-long loops, in relation to one another, never align in the same way 2 times in a row. Each is titled:
1. Love, 02:57
2. Melodrama, 05:08
3. Trouble, 06:12
4. Anger, 04:44
5. Monologues, 04:30
6. Happy Endings, 03:35
17-foot ø circle
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Restricted to Those Pleasures and Desires Inscribed Within the Encyclopaedia of Mandatory Good Taste (title after Oscar Wilde), 2002

Carpet made of 99 vinyl tiles mounted on wood, photographs from the 50s and 60s (from the ‘Social’ sections of Mexican newspaper archives, now sold to flea market vendors), photocopies, turpentine transfer 9’x11’ floor piece. Interactive Element: with proper fastening to the floor, people can remove their shoes and walk on this piece. Read more...

From Ballrooms to Brothels, 2001

Series of 6 mixed media paintings: heat transfer, embroidery, oil on wedding fabrics and Chinese tapestries, decorative architectural mouldings 40”x40” each, hung on 80”x80” painted square individual titles are:
1. Geisha with Instrument for Operations on the Brain and Spinal Cord
2. Geisha With Gag, Airway, and Tongue Forceps
3. Geisha With Bone Shears
4. Geisha With Surgical Saws
5. Geisha With Hair Colour Bottle
6. Geisha With Tiara Instructions
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Does Your Husband Like It?, 1998

Series 3 mixed media paintings: photographs and oil on fabric 18”x18” each individual titles are:
1. Does your husband like meat?
2. Does your husband have a craving?
3. Does your husband ask for pork?
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Janet Frame’s Journal (title after New Zealand writer Janet Frame), 1996-97

Series 9 mixed media paintings; object on left: oil on linen; object on right: body rubbed with charcoal and stamped on paper, then ironed on linen via heat transfer 18”x18 each. Interactive Element: the 9 paintings can be interchanged to form different body configurations as per the artist’s or curator’s desire to create figured or disfigured combinations. Read more ...