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Glo(w)cal, 2018

Study for an installation of volcanic rocks cast in resin shaped as water drops

Resin, volcanic rock, mirrors, fishing line

Produced at Guapamacátaro Residency, Maravatío, State of Michoacán, Mexico


Gerardo Mosquera has written at length about hybridisation. In Beyond the Fantastic, he points to the political and social destabilisation of the 1960s and 1970s that led to subsequent migration and displacement of culture, as well as the expansion of North American multiculturalism. The shift towards de-centralisation resulted in a hybrid approach that replaced Latin American fundamentalism with a polymorphic view of identity.

In “Beyond Anthropophagy: Art, Internationalization and Cultural Dynamics”, Mosquera coins the term ‘glocal’ to refer to the blurring of the global with the local. He says “we are living in an era of ‘roadrunners’ that has broken down the idea of fixed identities and generated post-national subjects who find themselves in constant physical and cultural movement.” Mosquera writes that such external migrations “are redrawing the ethno-social maps within receiving countries, unraveling heterogeneous cultural dynamics.”

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